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Amazing pesto

Sauces of the Italian tradition

Class description

 Let's learn:

  • how to buy pasta, shapes and ingredients 
  • how to cook it, salt, water, how much 
  • and how to make some nice traditional Italian sauces with a little twist 

Remember, it is not the pasta that is fattening, but the sauce that goes on it!!

  • Basil pesto with a little upgrade (lots of hidden fresh spinach for the kiddos ;)) 
  • Carbonara (lunch for the day – ok fine there is bacon here) 
  • Puttanesca (magnificent Mediterranean summer flavours with a little twist)

Fast and good to have in the fridge. Perfect for a weeknight dinner, and the leftovers will be great for lunch.

Next Dates and Tickets

Price: $25 per household

May 12, 2020 - 2 pm


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