Personal Chef Services

  " Travel to Italy for one night!

The food, the stories, the energy"

Chef V

No matter the size, private or corporate, I will take care of your special event beginning to end, front and back!

The service

As a personal chef, I will mostly take care of the food aspect of your special event, starting with the menu design all the way to the final clean up. 

I'll come to your house, on the day, with groceries and my magic trolley (look for it in the pictures below) and I'll get busy in the kitchen.

You can chit-chat with me while sipping a glass of wine, or just sit down at the table and enjoy your dinner; some clients like to jump in, and slice onions with me, and that is fine as well. 

Some other times, if you ask, I'll share stories and traditions from my home country.

And, if you want a private cooking class, that is ok too!

But, you should know that...

There is more

Having many years of experience in organizing events of any size, for private and corporate clients, sometimes in... ehm, awkward conditions, I can take care of the whole thing, from the menu design to the rental, to the staff, all the way to the final clean up. 

Of course, I do not do this all by myself, I have amazing collaborators that help me!

How much?

I don’t have a price list or a set menu for my services!

Every event and client is different and the price is defined by many factors: menu, service, staff, location, date, to name a few.

I will give you a proper quote, but first, we need to jump on a brief phone call where we can define some of these elements.

As a pure reference, my services start at $400 as a base rate for groups up to 8 plus the cost of the meal per person, and that can be as low as $75 per person.

Sometimes if the party is far outside the GTA I will charge some travel time

Soooooo, how does it work?

  1.  you call me or send me a message and we set up call time.
  2. I'll ask you a few questions to get the feel of what are your expectations for the party
  3. I'll start brainstorming some ideas for the menu and if we are on the same page
  4. By the end of the phone call, I'll have enough elements to prepare a more detailed quote (bigger parties might require a couple of chat more ...)

Food restrictions, allergies and all that are always taken in consideration.

Drop me a line

Valentina Giorcelli

(647) 573 3039