Meal Planning

Eating well is very important for your body as well as the environment. It is very important that your body is getting fed the nutrients that it needs to properly function throughout the day. Planning and preparing healthy meals for yourself and or your family can be very time consuming and if you live a busy lifestyle you may find yourself ordering takeout more than you would life to. 

If this is the case for you I am here to help! Cooking food is a passion of mine and planning and preparing meals is something I would love to help you with. Contact me and together we can start to plan your healthier and more eco friendly lifestyle! 

How much?

Each service is highly tailored to the client starting at $50.00 an hour. 

Why hire me as your personal chef?

By hiring me as your personal chef you will not only be improving your overall health and diet, but you will also be reducing your ecological footprint tremendously! 

My overall mission is to reduce our ecological footprint with regards to food preparation in efforts to achieve a healthier diet and a more eco friendly planet. In efforts to obtain this I reduce my waste as much as possible by predominantly using recyclable and reusable materials and trying my best to avoid plastic. However, when I do use plastic I make sure it is always BPA free. 

I also grocery shop extremely responsibly. Cooking at home in general is way more eco friendly than ordering take out or buying pre packaged foods. I can help you achieve all of this by cooking and preparing your meals for you or by teaching you how to cook for yourself. 

By hiring me as your personal chef you will successfully improve your diet and reduce your ecological footprint.