Online virtual interactive bread making class

Handmade Bread - Ciabatta

Class description

Let's make bread like in the old days.

Fun, interactive, hands-on class.

There is not such a thing as good bread done in five minutes. 

Bread requires an understanding of flours and yeast and time and temperature. 

Every culture has different types of bread, crusty or not, soft, dense, light, there is no right or wrong, just traditions and new traditions. 

The science behind it doesn't change.

This class, because of the logistics, will run over different Zoom sessions, and we will learn about: 

  • starters
  • yeasts
  • different flours and gluten
  • folding
  • ... 

You will end up with some exciting Italian Ciabatta (because I am Italian and that is one of my favourite bread), crusty on the outside and bubbly and tender on the inside. 


  • Thursday - 8 pm - about 30 mins: to say hi and to get the starter going (will explain the theory of all this during the Friday sessions).   IMPORTANT: If you cannot make it to this session let me know or you will not be able to follow Friday's class  because you will be missing the starter
  • Friday - 11 am: let's make the dough and start talking about flours and yeasts and folding 
  • Friday - 2.30 pm:  40 min session 
  • Friday - 3.30 pm: 15 min session 
  • Friday - 4.30 pm:  show-off session - Let's compare results, and ask questions (by now you should have 32316546 questions) 

If you have been making bread before, you already know that some of this schedule is really approximate, it will all depend on the dough. 

I really would like to take my time to answer all the questions and explain the process.

Next Dates and Tickets

Price: $50 per household

 May 7, 2020 - 8 pm 


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