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 P.S. this webpage still quite under construction and some information "might" not be complete. 

Just drop me a line, message or call and I will be happy to help!

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Private in-home cooking lessons

Private in-home cooking lessons

In your house. Learn to how to cook in the comfort of your home with your “things”. I'll take care of everything.

Make it a party with your friends, or a team-building experience, or a 1 to 1 session, you choose.

Fully hands-on, or not, your choice.

I promise you will have fun, I will not provide you any BS, just fun facts and proper techniques that will allow you to do it again, and again and again ..... 

[nannies and caregiver programs available as well]

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Recipe development and testing

Recipe development and testing

Recipe development:

You bring your vision or ingredient or memory, you name it! And I’ll use my magic to transform it into something memorable for you to eat.

Recipe testing:

I have a scientific background and testing methodically comes as second nature to me. A book I have helped to review and test: Cooking for Geeks... what else?

Photography and styling also available

Meal Planning


You live a busy lifestyle and still need to feed the family, or yourself for that matter. 

Cooking at the end of a long day can be daunting, and food delivery is not always the healthier option.

Here is a solution for you: 

1. After a quick informative phone call, I'll build a menu around your needs

2. I'll take care of the groceries, come over to your house once or twice a week, cook, pack, store your meals for the week, clean after myself and go

3. You re-heat and enjoy

1, 2, 3!

What can I do for you?


Private Chef vs Personal Chef

A private chef’s job is to cook exclusively for one family.  

A personal chef’s job is to cook for multiple families per week.  The chef goes into 4-5 homes per week and cooks 4-5 entrees for clients.  The menu is customized to be exactly what the client wants, and the food is cooked exclusively for them. 

Definitely healthier and more affordable than delivery or deli counter dinners.

Culinary instructor

Seven years of experience, hundreds of classes up my sleeve, many many menus...

Whether it is to celebrate a special event or just a get together with some friends and have a good time while learning some new skills.

Let's plan together.

Recipe developer

Standardization of a creative process, tested and re-tested, fool proof to anyone.

Proper structure of the recipe, with pictures and styling if needed.

All details and contents are looked after with maniacal precision.

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Let's chat about food!

I know you're busy, but let's take some time to talk about what you'd like to be eating. Everyone's dietary needs and styles are unique. Drop me a line, and we can figure out what sort of a meal plan works for your goals and lifestyle!

Valentina Giorcelli

The Beaches, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(647) 573-3039